4.22.2020 Daily Stats

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  1. mgf805
    mgf805 says:

    Hi Renee,

    I believe it is showing “New Cases” changing from 7-13. At this time there is only one format given to us by The Ventura County Health Officer and is displayed at VC Emergency website, and they update it around 5pm pst each day.

  2. Renee Ross Merrill
    Renee Ross Merrill says:

    I’m confused about the cases in Newbury Park changing from 7 to 13 in one day’s time. I’m assuming that this was not an increase, but a change in the formatting (by zip code). Also, do you now have two different formats: one by city and the other by zip code? If so, where can I see just the city stats? It was easier to see where the numbers “go up” in that version/format. Thank you!

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