How it Began

     In early April 2020, My Girl Friday 805 acknowledged a need for a space where Ventura County residents can view & share important County updates all in one place. A flaw in County reporting had been leading their residents to frustration and confusion. Information about testing, documents, beaches and parks were strung out all over the web for residents to find on their own. This kind of reporting was not acceptable for Lindsey Brower, the owner of My Girl Friday 805. She learned in her studies at Cal State Channel Islands that communication is key during any emergency.

“It doesn’t matter to me if it is a fire or flood, communication is key for communities to collaborate and help each other during times of any emergency.” – Lindsey Brower

     Since April 2020, nearly 100k residents relied on for their important updates on testing, recreation, documents, small business, food sharing programs and more. That equals to over 30,000 residents each month along with positive feedback about the quality of information and ease of use.

My Girl Friday 805 & Surfers Point Boutique

     My Girl Friday 805 is a small website developing business owned and operated by Lindsey Brower. She collaborates with other local female owned companies and helps non-profit organizations and other local small businesses with their web presence. When business was slow, Lindsey created Surfer’s Point Boutique – where she makes and sells handmade items. In 2020 she decided to merge the two small businesses by developing, her boutique would fund the cost of the maintenance and other cost that are associated with owning a daily blog.

How You Can Help

     With dwindling boutique sales due to the unemployment rates and other affects of the Pandemic, the site is in a downward spiral. Without donations to the site, it may shutdown and residents of Ventura County will have to rely on getting their information from several websites instead of just one. Please donate and keep this site running!

Thank You,

Lindsey Brower

Please Donate! is an independently owned & operated website for the people of Ventura County.