CDPH Issues Youth Sports Guidance

The California Department of Public Health has issued Youth Sports Guidance. Youth sports training, conditioning and physical education is now permitted in Ventura County when those activities include continuous physical distancing of at least six feet and a stable cohort, i.e. the same children at each meeting. Teams, classes, and other youth sports activities that involve contact, competitive or team play are not permitted. The State guidance document may be found HERE.

As an example, team sports such as football, baseball, volleyball, and soccer are currently prohibited under the state order, whereas sports such as surfing, singles tennis, golf, and singles rowing are allowed if conducted outdoors and six-foot physical distancing is maintained. Any team or entity conducting youth sports training must register under Youth Sports HERE and follow the state issued guidance.

Please note that physical distancing must be maintained under the guidance, which precludes scrimmages, games, and team drills from being performed at this time. Further, all outdoor and indoor sporting events, assemblies, and other activities that require close contact or promote congregating are prohibited, including tournaments, events, or competitions and regardless of whether teams are from the same school or from different schools, counties, or states.

Since Ventura County is currently on the state’s monitoring list due to elevated case rates of COVID-19 all sports activities including conditioning, training and physical education must be conducted outdoors. While youth sports conditioning and training is now allowed under certain conditions, adult, amateur (non-professional) team sports are not permitted in the state at this time. The state indicates that guidance for adult sports will be forthcoming.

View all state issued guidance HERE.